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Just What Is a Raging Magma Life?

Distractions? Seductions?

Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute; what you can do, or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius and power and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Just What Is a Raging Magma Life?
by Diana Kardia and Karen Williams

Let's face it:  the things that really matter to us - really matter - are just not meek little go-along-with-everything-else energies. Sometimes we dress them up as mild-mannered wallflowers thinking they're safer that way (not being noticed and all) but really…

Our inner dreams and passions, our visions, our bottom lines - these are the things which light a fire in us!  When they're flamed on, we become super heroes, able to scale the tallest building, face the greatest challenges, create the possible amidst impossible odds.  That's power!

Living a Raging Magma Life is waking up each day with a willingness to live in, with and through that power. 

Magma is the source from which new landscapes are formed, literally creating the ground we walk upon.  In us, it is our ability to change our circumstances, to form our world.  And rage?  Rage is that instant searing energy that knows what matters, what's really important, and will not be fooled and will not surrender.  We're not talking about a brooding anger kind of thing - rage in its highest form is a clear, clean energy that says "Yes.  This is a good day to die.  I see what needs to be done and there is no doubt in me about doing it."  In other words - enough of this getting by just to get by.  Let's do something here!

Living a Raging Magma Life is seeing the injustice of how we have denied ourselves - that is, denied who we are in our deepest, purest place - and turning that around.

It's letting our rage show us where we have boxed ourselves in, sabotaged our own intent, and indefinitely put off that which we need and desire.  It's knowing that life is abundant and compassionate, knowing that we have the unlimited power of creation within us. 

It's being willing to stop acting like life is a cruel joke, taunting us with that which we cannot be or have, and instead to take on the glorious challenge of pursuing our heart's desires.  If we are capable of perceiving it, we are capable of creating it. 

It's being willing to risk failure - and success.

Living a Raging Magma Life is the conviction that our lives are worth living - in all their brilliance, quirkiness, curiosity, meaning, and possibility.

And here's one more secret about a Raging Magma Life:  it's a party - and you're invited.  There's a celebration in doing this together - helping each other to see and be our destiny.  We'd love to have you join us - care to dance?

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